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It’s quick and easy to make a difference to somebody’s life that is in desperate need of your help, UK Charities Info is here to give you a starting hand.
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    In a climate were poverty is on the rise, it’s hard to go a day without being approached by a charity street-team, a doorstep fundraiser or a heart-wrenching poster, with so many brilliant charities needing help it’s difficult to choose which to give your hand. There are a number of helpful sites that give information about different organizations and what they do. It’s worth doing some research before choosing a charity to help. consequatur

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  • There are a number of ways you can get involved with charity and help those in need.

    • Donating money/property – charities rarely have an income other than that of donations and benefactors.

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  • a few simple changes

    • Helping in a homeless shelter – most homeless shelters accept public volunteers, your duty’s could be anything from serving food to handing out blankets to homeless persons on the street.

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UK Charities


According to the Charities Act 2006 a charity must provide a, public benefit by offering relief to poverty, advancement of education, religion, health or community. Any charity with an income over £5000 must be registered according to UK law.


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Christian and Jewish


Charities are active in our daily lives, solving issues we rarely think about, health, homelessness, child cruelty, animal cruelty, religious dispute and heritage preservation are just a few charitable topics.  Depending on the organization, charities have varied purposes and subjects.  While most aim to raise money in order to aid research, support community etc Others aim to raise awareness of problems not many people realize exist.


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Volunteering at a charity shop/heritage site – charity shops and heritage sites rely heavily on volunteer support to stay open, giving one day a week to work in one of these organizations is a great way to get involved.



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